Friday, 15 June 2018

My learning in music!

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Music is not only about learning how to play intrusments , you can also have fun while doing music , so for this week in music / JPA we have been preparing out performances , this week I learnt a few things with some members in a group of mine , we learnt how to go high pitched voice on certain parts of a song. We came up as a group to sing the song "Bring It On Home" Me and some people in my group thought this song was good because the way different note are being sung during the song

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The role for Tokelau

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The role for Tokelau -   Ladies from tokelau are now able to become police officers, this changes the ways around the village because now the village is safer even though nothing was really wrong with the village in the first place but now on the village is more safe than it was before, in my opinion this helps the village out a lot because the village is now a warm welcoming place where anyone can visit without being scared to come and go for any type of trip

The population - The change of tokelau is the population is decreasing all tho people just want it to be more popular, Mr O'brian is trying to get people from other islands to come back to tokelau because population is decreasing but they don't want it to be decreasing they want the populartion to grow because they want more and more people coming to the island, this change is affecting the people in Tokelau because the people who are living there are getting more uncomfortable for people, in my opinion this is sad because the people are getting annoyed and everything that nobody is visiting the Tokelau home town

Thursday, 17 May 2018

These are the profiles for Torise and Fatima

 Name: Torise
Job: Police
Important thing: Her child and community
Family: Her son and everyone around here
Value: Her culture and people around her
Quote: It's important to respect your family

Name: Fatima
Job: Councillor
Important thing: Helping out with family
Family: Everyone in the village
Value: The people around him
Quote: It's important to focus on family & jobs

Friday, 11 May 2018


In class today we had a little bit of time to watch a video called "Our small world of Tokelau" Tokelau is a small village with many people who are well known to each other they cope with many challenges each and every day and they have many problems on top of that.. Some problems are the population is decreasing  all tho all they want is for more and more people to come back the reason people are leaving is to get better education from other islands just to come back and teach Tokelau better than they already know.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Oscar and Natha's main reasons

This story is basically telling you facts, reasons why Oscar and Nathan had traveled to many places

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Rainbows end trip

Just last Thursday we went on a trip, We went on one just because out great behaviour, And good learning so we deserved it...