Thursday, 15 November 2018

What it means to be 'Successful'

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What is means to be successful - To me successful means having power in hand, being able to control the challenges that happen in life, being able to have control of the difficult times in life, but no matter how hard the challenge is, you still carry on running towards the top of the mark step by step, even if the steps getting shorter by the minute because you are slowly giving, your also giving yourself the confident to carry on bigger steps to get to the top of the hill to reach the mark.
Understanding the difficulties of every challenge, always sticking to a goal and making sure you do everything to be successful with the goal, and trying to achieve it

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Mince Pasta

This is how we made 'mince pasta' in food technology today
Boil past with 2 cups of cold water until it's solf
Drain under cold watedr using colandar
Fry the mince with onion when it's cooked , add sauce
Combine with pasta sauce and top up with cheese
Cook at 180c 10 minutes

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Chocolate muffins

Chocolate muffin
Step one:
2cups of self raising flower
1cup of sugar
1/4 cups of coco

1/2 cups of oil
1cup of milk , 1 egg
Step two:
Combine all and scoop into
muffin tray bake at 180degrees
for 15minutes.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Ham Burger

Step 1:
- Dice 1/2 onion
- Mix with mince , mixed herbs , salt
- Make two patties
- Fry until it's cooked
Step 2:
- Steam the bun in the oven for 15 minutes
- Slice tomatoes
- Dice lettuce
Step 3:
Bottom bun , lettuce , tomato , mayo,
ham , cheese , patty , top bun.
Step 4:
- Take photo
- Clean
- Enjoy burger

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Freedom Writers

 For English we have been watching a movie called "Freedom Writers" for parts of the movie there are challenges characters face , I have learnt things from the movie.

      From this movie I learnt that , no matter the skin colour everyone is the same ,
( Even though it wasn't meantioned in the movie, it's something I believe in )
               Freedom writers had a lot of meaning to it , and the movie is based on a true story , maybe different here and there but that's why it's so interesting to me.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Tuna Pasta

Tuna pasta,
    Today we made tuna pasta , it was hard to make but we and my partner ended up with a good result.
    Pasta -Tomato - Onion - Tuna -  Mayonnaise - Corn - Water.
    Pot - Food drainer - Wooden spoon - Knife - Chopping board - Bowls.
How to make:
    Make sure all your vegetables are diced , put those aside and get your pot fulled of water , put pasta into boiling water and wait for a bit.
    Afterwards put your corn into the put with the pasta and water , wait for pasta to soften.
Once soft enough , pour everything in the pot into the drainer , and let the water flow out . Put all your vegetables into a bowl , also fill that bowl with your pasta and corn , Mix for a little but than add your tuna and mayonnaise into everything and mix well , once done with that , it's ready to give out .

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


A business is a place to where people do shopping, or people have to do paperwork, or where people can basically buy things for personal items.

I think businesses are good for me depending on what business E.g Pak n Save, is good for me because I am known of buying plenty of food from this business and I spend lots of money at this business, it’s good for the community in my opinion because the things that are inside Pak n Save are cheap and ready to eat from people in the community.
Another business that is good is a car store, this is good for not only me but also my family and the community, because it provides good things and it’ll gift cars out for people as in my family, when we need to go places, we will be sorted because , we have a car to operate and use so we are then able to travel so are others as in the community.
Businesses provide jobs for the community E.g Tamaki College students are currently working at Pak n Save.